Terre Haute, Indiana


FRIDAY, JULY 29, 2022

Seeking an artist or artist team for an engaging and impactful artwork for a
public park in Terre Haute, Indiana


Art Spaces, Inc.
669 Ohio Street
Terre Haute, IN 47807

Terre Haute, Indiana


Art Spaces is a non-profit organization in Terre Haute, Indiana, whose mission is to provide public art and the design of public places to enhance economic growth, enrich cultural experiences and build a legacy that reflects the diversity of the Wabash Valley community. The Art Spaces Collection currently includes twenty-one unique, site-specific sculptures in public locations throughout Terre Haute.  For information about the organization and each sculpture:

This project will take place in the Ryves neighborhood in Terre Haute, a primarily residential neighborhood that once included a variety of businesses and shops but now with very few remaining. Currently, the Ryves neighborhood is home to Benjamin Franklin Elementary School, The Wabash Valley Health Center, Ryves Neighborhood Youth Center and a handful of businesses and service organizations.  At the center of the neighborhood lies Herz-Rose Park, well-positioned to serve as a focal point for neighborhood revitalization efforts aimed at promoting health and well-being, economic development, and personal growth.

Art Spaces will be working with the City of Terre Haute and Land Stewards Design Group to redesign the park to include revitalized and new amenities, and it is the intention that a selected artist visit the site and be integrated into the conversations about park design prior to submitting their full proposal. 

Through this project Art Spaces will integrate the arts to help create an inviting park for people of all ages, particularly to serve neighborhood residents while also providing a cultural attraction for all Wabash Valley residents and visitors. Art Spaces sculptures are free of charge at all times.


A consortium of organizations, including Art Spaces, met for several years beginning in 2015, to consider the various ways in which public art integration might have positive impact within Ryves, one of Terre Haute’s most economically challenged neighborhoods. Since that time the City has also increased its commitment to and investment in the neighborhood. 

Art Spaces seeks an artist interested in creating an engaging and interactive work of public art that will help to activate and animate the one square-block central park that lies, literally, at the heart of the neighborhood. The artist will be asked to interact with the design firm working on park design in a meeting on site that will take place in the summer of 2022. Other park improvements are planned and it is important that the selected artist be able to envision a work in collaboration with other involved partners on placement. An artist with experience in community-specific projects will be given strong priority.  It will also be important for applicants to understand that they will be part of a team re-imaging and activating the park. 

Following the site visit the artist will have 6 weeks to complete a full proposal while continuing discussions with Art Spaces representatives, the design firm, city officials and designated community representatives.

Upon completion the artist’s proposal will be reviewed for final approval and, assuming final approval, the artist will then work with Art Spaces, the city and the design team to determine the timeline for the project. It is the intention of Art Spaces and the City that this project be completed in 2023 and the exact details will be established based on city plans for implementation of other park improvements.


The sculpture will be located outdoors in Herz-Rose Park in the Ryves neighborhood in Terre Haute, Indiana. It will be accessible to the public and free of charge at all times. The physical address of the park is 1515 Locust Street. It is centrally located within the Ryves Neighborhood and approximately eight blocks from the center of Terre Haute’s downtown.   

On the Art Spaces website ( you will find links to

You may also call (812-235-2801) or write with questions or to receive a hard or electronic copy of any of the above. Please note “Park Sculpture” in subject heading.


The artist’s total budget for the project must not exceed $108,000 and shall include research, design, engineering, foundation engineering, materials, fabrication, transportation, shipping, installation, insurance, taxes and any other expenses related to the project not listed as the responsibility of Art Spaces. Site preparation will be provided by Art Spaces within reasonable expectations. 

Expenses for the required site visit will be covered by Art Spaces, to include travel, accommodations and meals.  A stipend of $2,000 will be issued upon completion of the full proposal.


This opportunity is open to practicing professional artists over 18 years of age with proven experience in working with durable materials and within the listed budget.


Art Spaces is committed to providing the residents of the Ryves neighborhood and the Terre Haute Parks and Recreation Department, a finished public sculpture that is made of durable materials that do not require constant vigilance or maintenance.

One or two artists will be selected as finalists, based on the content and quality of past work, experience and interest in responding to the needs, ideas and purposes of community members (to be gathered by the design firm in late July); appropriateness of the applicant’s approach to public art in relation to strengthening community; demonstrated experience in working within this budget level; and ability to work within the desired timeline. 

A particular concept is not required at this time; however, in the letter of interest it will be important to describe why this project interests you and why your work would be meaningful and appropriate for this location.  Please let us know how you have interacted with the public and/or project partners to achieve meaningful public art in the past.

The Selection Committee for this project will include representatives and stakeholders from the Ryves Neighborhood, one or more City representatives, area arts professionals, a representative of the design firm for the park, and one or more Art Spaces Board members. 


The RFQ deadline is July 29, 2022. We anticipate that the selection process will occur in the two weeks following the deadline. It is the intention that the project be fully completed in 2023 and occur in coordination with park re-design and resulting upgrades. The exact timeline for fabrication and installation will be established with the selected artist.


For consideration, please send all of the items on the following list, with your name clearly on each item.  Please send all of the materials electronically through WeTransfer or another program that does not require Art Spaces to incur additional costs in receiving them.  This is preferred to sending them via multiple emails. Send to:

If you are submitting as a team, you will need to describe the role of each member and submit each member’s resume/bio.

  • Letter of interest not to exceed two pages.  Please state your reasons for being interested in this project, why you believe your work would be appropriate for this neighborhood park and whether you could meet the goals of the project within the proposed budget and timeline. Let us know why you would consider your work to be impactful in this setting and accessible and appropriate for all ages. Please mention how you heard about this RFQ.
  • Ten clearly titled and numbered digital (jpg only) images (2 detail shots okay to include in the 10).  The images should be titled as follows: Last Name_Image Number_Artwork Title.  Please send resolution images high enough that they can be successfully projected on a large screen. As much as possible please include images of works that were accomplished within a similar budget range to this project.
  • Image List Include the Image Number, Title, Dimensions, Materials, Year and Budget Amount for the artwork. They should be numbered on the list in the same order as the jpgs are numbered, and thumbnail images next to the numbers are helpful. 
  • Current Resume not to exceed four pages.
  • List of 3 references with their current contact information, including names, titles, affiliations, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. At least two should be people that have commissioned your public works.

We will notify you by e-mail when we have received your materials and found everything in order.  If you do not receive notice within one week of submitting, please email us at  Note “Park Sculpture” in the subject heading.


Artists retain rights of all copyrighted materials submitted, except as limited by this section.  By submitting to this RFQ, those artist(s) responding agree to a copyright release for controlled usage of the submitted materials for committee distribution, education and publicity purposes. Art Spaces shall not be responsible for any third party infringement of artists’ copyrights.


For the selected artist(s), Art Spaces requires that the final approved contract for professional services specify that the selected artist(s) shall maintain at all times during the term of the contract at its sole expense:

  • Statutory workers’ compensation in accordance with the laws of the state where such compensation would be payable.  Employers’ liability (Coverage B) with limits of not less than $500,000 per accident.

Automobile liability insurance on any owned, non-owned or rented vehicle with limits of at least $2,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury, personal injury and property damage.

  • combined single limit bodily injury and property damage
  • Comprehensive general liability, including products liability, completed operations liability, blanket contractual liability, broad form property damage and personal injury liability insurance with limits of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit
  • Professional services liability for a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Art Spaces, Inc., the City of Terre Haute and the Terre Haute Parks Board shall be named as additional insured and be provided with a certificate of insurance prior to the effective date of the contract or any renewal contract.  Art Spaces shall be provided with all renewal certificates within 30 days of the expiration date of any and all policies listed on the certificate of insurance.


For the selected artist, Art Spaces requires that the final approved contract for professional services specify that the artist(s) agrees to indemnify and hold Art Spaces, Inc., the City of Terre Haute and the Terre Haute Parks Board  harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs, expenses, charges and damages arising from, or relating to, the contractual agreement, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, with respect to any cause arising out of, resulting from, or in connection with (a) any breach by the artist(s) of any clause, condition or provision of the contract; b) any breach or violation by the artist of any applicable criminal or civil law; or (c) any other cause resulting from any act or failure to act by the artist(s) in accordance with the contract.  The artist(s) shall promptly assume the defense of any claim, suit or action within the scope of this indemnification at their expense upon being notified thereof.


Art Spaces reserves the right to contract one or more artists, or to refuse a contract with any artist.


Artists are encouraged to visit the Art Spaces website (

To directly request more information you may write to: (Please note “Park Sculpture” in subject heading) or call 812-235-2801.

Thank you for your interest in Art Spaces and the Herz-Rose Park sculpture project.

Images of the site
A link to the City Parks Department web pages
A map of Art Spaces sculpture collection
A brief powerpoint about the project and the neighborhood

Full RFQ pdf