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Celebrating Lost Creek – The Story of an African American Settlement


The mission of Art Spaces is to provide public art and the design of public places to enhance economic growth, enrich cultural experiences and build a legacy that reflects the diversity of the Wabash Valley. The Art Spaces Collection currently includes twenty-one unique, site-specific sculptures in public locations throughout Terre Haute.  Art Spaces sculptures are free of charge to the public at all times. For information about each sculpture: .

Each artwork is site-specific and appropriately designed for its location featuring varied approaches in concept, material and geographic and cultural origin of the artists. By placing a new sculpture in Deming Park, Art Spaces is continuing to enliven and add meaning to public spaces and provide important and lasting cultural attractions for Wabash Valley residents and visitors.

In 2010, Art Spaces, working in collaboration with other arts and cultural organizations, began a “Cultural Trail” to honor notable individuals, icons and stories from Terre Haute that are unique to our place and history, have had a positive impact on arts and culture worldwide and help to define who we are today. The first sculpture designated as part of this trail is Max Ehrmann at the Crossroads, a figurative sculpture honoring Terre Haute born poet, Max Ehrmann, who became known throughout the world most significantly for his poem “Desiderata,” which is also part of the sculpture site. Two others followed: A Song for Indiana in 2014, honoring the Indiana state song writer, Paul Dresser, and Dreiser-Shadows of Meaning in 2019, honoring renowned author, Theodor Dreiser.

The next addition to the Cultural Trial will be Celebrating Lost Creek – The Story of an African American Settlement.  The Lost Creek Settlement was founded in the early 1800’s when a group of free African Americans traveled to what is now Vigo County from Maryland, Virginia and North Carolina to escape the greater dangers of the pre-Civil War south. The Lost Creek settlers were among some of Vigo County’s earliest non-indigenous residents.

Though Indiana was safer in certain respects than the Southeast United States, the group still faced dangers and uncertainties. They persevered and established a farming community that included a church, cemetery, and school, and employed their own teachers when racial injustices meant that white teachers were forbidden from teaching in the newly developed African American communities. Despite the dangers, the community grew and flourished, and members thrived with the independence and growth that owning and farming their own land brought them.

The Lost Creek Settlement is a vital and influential part of Terre Haute’s history, but it has yet to receive its deserved place in historical texts and it lacks the broad local and statewide awareness that it merits, despite its continued influence in the community. Many descendants still live in the area and regularly contribute to business, education, arts, health care, manufacturing, social services and many other industries in Terre Haute. 

The goals for this project are to honor, celebrate and bring awareness to this important aspect of Terre Haute’s history. This is a positive story deserving of celebration.  Art Spaces is working with the direct descendants of Lost Creek Settlement, the City, members of local arts organizations, universities, businesses and other community members to bring it to fruition.

Celebrating Lost Creek – The Story of an African American Settlement will illuminate a unique aspect of Terre Haute’s cultural history and the contributions of Lost Creek Settlement members and descendants to the city’s establishment, growth, strength and continuity.  We further anticipate its potential to encourage positive dialogue about the value of diversity and the importance of increased understandings to build bridges and break down barriers.  This is a positive story of a successful and courageous group of early settlers that we are excited to share in a permanent public artwork. It is unique to our region and a source of pride.

Art Spaces and its community partners seek an artist who will successfully conceive, design, fabricate and install a sculpture that captures the spirit of the Lost Creek Settlement, introduces its history and long-lasting impact in a creative way, and invites conversation, reflection and dialogue among people of all ages.


The sculpture will be located outdoors in Deming Park, a 177-acre park on the east side of Terre Haute. The site was selected collaboratively by members of Art Spaces’ Cultural Trail Committee, Site Selection and Acquisition Committee and descendants of the Lost Creek Settlement, in consultation with City of Terre Haute Department of Parks & Recreation.

The completed sculpture will be accessible to the public and free of charge. The park is open with no admission fee during all daylight hours and occasionally at night for special events. 

On the Art Spaces website ( you will find links to

You may also call (812-235-2801) or write with questions or to receive a hard copy of any of the above. Please note “Lost Creek Sculpture” in subject heading.

3.  ARTIST’S BUDGET – $103,000

The artist’s total budget for this project shall not exceed $103,000 and will include research, design, engineering of sculpture and its foundation, materials, fabrication, transportation, shipping, installation, insurance, taxes and any other expenses related to the project not listed as the responsibility of Art Spaces. Site preparation will be provided by Art Spaces within reasonable expectations. 


This opportunity is open to practicing professional artists over 18 years of age working with durable materials and demonstrating the capacity to successfully achieve the stated goals. This capacity may be achieved through a partnership, in which case both partners will need to submit their materials.


Art Spaces is committed to providing for the City of Terre Haute and its residents and visitors a finished sculpture which will be made of durable materials that do not require constant vigilance or maintenance. Finalists will be selected based on artistic merit, quality of past work, appropriateness of their approach to public art in relation to this project, demonstrated experience in working within this budget level and ability to meet the proposed deadlines.  A particular concept is not required at this time; however, in the letter of interest it will be important to describe why this project interests you and why your work would be meaningful and appropriate for this purpose and location.  The Selection Committee will choose as finalists those artists who demonstrate an appropriate sensibility and motivation for this project.

The site selected for the sculpture has been chosen for its accessibility by pedestrians, cars, school buses, bicycles, etc.  The natural park setting is desirable in its similarity to the terrain of the Lost Creek Settlement, just six miles away.

Landscaping and pathways to the sculpture will be provided by the City and are not the fiscal responsibility of the artist; however, the artist selected for this project will be consulted on this aspect.  Site design details will be determined based on the final design of the artwork.

After the initial review, up to three finalists will be selected to visit the site prior to submitting a full proposal. Expenses for travel and accommodations for the site visit will be covered by Art Spaces. Each finalist will receive a stipend of $750 upon completion of the proposal and physical or electronic model. 

The Selection Committee for this project includes representatives from the Board of Directors, professional artists and arts administrators, one or more City representatives, at least one non-arts community representative and descendants of Lost Creek Settlement.


The RFQ deadline JANUARY 12, 2023.  Selected finalists will be notified by January 20 and visits to the site will be scheduled to occur within 3 weeks or less of notification. Proposals will be due 5 weeks following the site visit. The desired completion date for the sculpture is November 1, 2023.


For consideration, please send the following with your name clearly on each item.  If you are submitting as a team, you will need to submit the resume/bio for each member of the team.

It is preferred that the required materials be sent electronically via We Transfer or another program that does not require Art Spaces to incur additional costs in receiving them.  This is preferred to sending them via multiple emails.  You may also send by a CD through regular mail (clearly label it with your name.)

  • Letter of interest, not to exceed two pages.  Please state your reasons for being interested in this project, why you believe your work would be appropriate for this site and whether you could meet the goals of the project within the proposed budget and timeline.
  • Ten clearly titled and numbered digital (jpg only) images (2 detail shots okay to include in the 10).  The images should be titled as follows: Last Name_Image Number_Artwork Title.  Please send resolution images high enough that they can be successfully projected on a large screen.
  • Image List Including Image Number, Title, Dimensions, Materials, Year and Cost. They should be numbered on the list in the same order as the jpgs are numbered. 
  • Current Resume No more than 2 pages, please.
  • List of 3 references with their current contact information, including phone numbers and e-mail addresses.
  • Mention of how you heard about this RFQ
  • Make certain your name, address, e-mail address and phone number are clearly listed on your letter, resume and other materials


  • SASE for return of any materials you send physically and would like back


  • We will notify you by e-mail when we have received your materials and found everything in order.  If you do not receive notice within 1 week of submitting, please email us at  Note “Lost Creek Settlement project” in the subject heading.

Send all materials to: (Please note “Lost Creek Settlement project” in subject heading.) or send to Art Spaces, Inc., 669 Ohio Street, Terre Haute, IN  47807. 


January 12, 2023


Artists retain rights of all copyrighted materials submitted, except as limited by this section.  By submitting to this RFQ, those artist(s) responding agree to a copyright release for controlled usage of the submitted materials for committee distribution, education and publicity purposes. Art Spaces shall not be responsible for any third party infringement of artists’ copyrights.


For the selected artist(s), Art Spaces requires that the final approved contract for professional services specify that the selected artist(s) shall maintain at all times during the term of the contract at its sole expense:

  • Statutory workers’ compensation in accordance with the laws of the state where such compensation would be payable.  Employers’ liability (Coverage B) with limits of not less than $1,000,000 per accident.
  • Automobile liability insurance on any owned, non-owned or rented vehicle including minimum of bodily injury with limits of at least $2,000,000 combined single limit per occurrence for bodily injury liability of $300,000 per each person and $500,000 per occurrence.
  • Comprehensive general liability, including products liability, completed operations liability, blanket contractual liability, broad form property damage and personal injury liability insurance with limits of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit
  • Property insurance to cover value of artwork until acceptance by owner
  • Broad Form Cargo Coverage during loading, transporting and unloading of artwork unless this coverage is present in existing policy
  • Professional services liability for a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Art Spaces, Inc. City of Terre Haute and Terre Haute Parks Board shall be named as additional insureds and be provided with a certificate of insurance prior to the effective date of the contract or any renewal contract.  Art Spaces shall be provided with all renewal certificates within 30 days of the expiration date of any and all policies listed on the certificate of insurance.


For the selected artist(s), Art Spaces requires that the final approved contract for professional services specify that the artist(s) agrees to indemnify and hold Art Spaces, Inc. City of Terre Haute and Terre Haute Parks Board harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs, expenses, charges and damages arising from, or relating to, the contractual agreement, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, with respect to any cause arising out of, resulting from, or in connection with (a) any breach by the artist(s) of any clause, condition or provision of the contract; b) any breach or violation by the artist of any applicable criminal or civil law; or (c) any other cause resulting from any act or failure to act by the artist(s) in accordance with the contract.  The artist(s) shall promptly assume the defense of any claim, suit or action within the scope of this indemnification at their expense upon being notified thereof.


Art Spaces reserves the right to contract one or more artists, or to refuse a contract with any artist.


Artists are encouraged to visit the Art Spaces website (

To directly request more information you may write to: (Please note “Lost Creek Settlement Project” in subject heading) or call 812-235-2801.

View full RFQ as a pdf here.