Art Spaces typically issues a Request for Qualifications (RFQ) for new projects. Artists are asked to submit images of past works, a letter of interest, resume and references to Art Spaces. The submissions are reviewed by the Art Spaces Selection Panel, comprised of Board members, area arts professionals and at least one non-arts community representative. The sculptures in the Art Spaces collection are owned by City Parks, area universities, libraries, museums and other organizations and representatives of these entities also play a role in the selection. On occasion a funder is involved as well.

The group meets to select finalists who are then asked to visit the site and submit a full proposal. This may take more than one session since as many as 200 artists may submit through an RFQ. Art Spaces covers travel expenses and issues a stipend for each selected finalist. Between one and five finalists are selected for each project.

After receiving the proposals the Selection Committee reconvenes to select the artist to be commissioned for the project. The entire artist search process typically takes between three and six months. From the time a public work is planned until its completion (including the artist selection process) may take between one and three years. On occasion a project may be developed with a particular artist is lieu of the RFQ process.

Art Spaces occasionally issues calls for entries to poetry and poster competitions, or other educational and community initiatives developed to increase access and engage people of all ages with public art.