Mark Wallis created TREE to enhance a large area adjacent to a public walking trail known as the Indiana Mile, and draw attention to the indigenous trees and shrubs planted along it.

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Spirit of Space

In Spirit of Space, an anchor of the Terre Haute Arts Corridor, artist Bob Emser references the pioneering spirit of aviation and nautical history, both a fascination since his childhood.

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Sally Rogers’ Gatekeeper anchors the southern entrance of the Arts Corridor, attracting both motorists and pedestrians to pause and consider possibilities of the downtown area.

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Artist Douglas Kornfeld provided a work designed to enhance the overall design of the ISU Student Recreation Center and offer broad public appeal that might speak to everyone.

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Free Fly

Free Fly, by Robert Evans, was inspired by the artist’s interest in symbolizing “man’s dream of flight,” and combines cast and welded aluminum with found objects (three propellers).

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Tim Upham’s Renewal connects the Indiana State University campus and the city, creatively interpreting a local and university symbol of growth and regeneration.

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ISU Sphere

ISU Sphere, by Brandon Zebold, interacts playfully with nature and includes in both the positive and negative spaces many symbols that will be familiar to Wabash Valley residents.

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A Reading Place

A Reading Place by Madeline Wiener radiates warmth and welcome along a busy university corridor and while one figure reads, the others offer inviting places for people to sit.

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Solar Sycamore

Solar Sycamore, by the Watermark Artists’ Collective, combines art and solar energy to celebrate ISU’s ongoing commitment to sustainability and renewable resources.

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Urban Flowers

C.J. Rench “planted” Urban Flowers on Terre Haute’s Arts Corridor to enliven the downtown with color, joy and whimsy and enrich the lives of urban travelers.

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