Chakaia Booker is best known for sculptures and wall reliefs that transform rubber from used tires into impressive and unique works of art. As a child she learned much from watching and participating while her grandmother and sister worked with textiles. Using smaller pieces to create a larger whole serves her well in working with rubber, an extremely difficult material to manipulate. This piece, like all of her works, is built on a stainless steel armature.

The artist prefers that each viewer interpret the work in his or her own way. Chakaia has a personal relationship to the material that is careful and profound. Her use of a normally gritty and utilitarian material, transformed to become a highly textured and complex sculpture, invites us to examine our assumptions about pattern, texture, and function.

Broadening this examination beyond the realm of material and considering it in a symbolic light, one might also reflect on roles, values, assumptions, and patterns of resilience as they exist in the human sphere.

The interest of the artist in this recycled material led to a partnership between Art Spaces and the Indiana State University Recycle Center to bring her work to Terre Haute.

Additional Information:

Bias Tires and Stainless Steel, 2009

6′ 2″ high, 2′ 8″ wide,
2′ 8″ deep

Located on the Terre Haute Arts Corridor on the campus of Indiana State University near the New Theater, 540 North 7th Street.

Chakaia Booker lives in New York City and works in Allentown, PA.

Art Spaces gratefully acknowledges Indiana State University Recycle Center.

Emanating Connections is part of the Permanent Art Collection of ISU.