Light of Hope and Healing, by Kentucky artist Meg White, was created for the Hux Cancer Center at Union Hospital. The first indoor sculpture for Art Spaces, it was designed to provide an interesting focal point for clients, visitors and staff entering the building, as well as those waiting in the main area of Radiation Oncology.

The artist was asked to conceive a work of art that would be hopeful, comforting and inspiring for individuals undergoing care for cancer treatment with the many challenges this poses for patients, their family and friends.

A bronze sculpture on a granite base, Light of Hope and Healing is dedicated to the Hux Cancer Center Staff, whose devotion to countless cancer patients has truly been a “light of hope and healing;” and to Marilyn Ehrlich who received extraordinary care and support from the Hux Cancer Center.

Ms. White grew up in New Albany, Indiana, and is a self taught artist who discovered the three-dimensional process through paper sculpture. Her recent public works may be found in Louisville, Kentucky; Lake City, Florida; Denver, Colorado and Schaumberg, Illinois. She also produces limited edition bronzes and small and monumental works in stone.

This sculpture represents our battle with the dread disease cancer. The black granite base symbolizes this illness, as well as the powerful emotions associated with it; despair, hopelessness and grief. The man, woman, little boy and girl represent all those who hope to achieve wellness. The bronze sphere upon which they stand represents medicine, which attempts to heal them from the illness. The lighted globe represents Hope, Joy, and Love. The people reach out their hands to the light and are lifted above the disease and the feelings it causes. By holding to these emotions, our spirits will never be defeated by cancer.

Art Spaces has been pleased to partner with Union Hospital in providing a new work of art, which will have special meaning to the health community in our region.

Additional Information:

Bronze, Black Granite and Acrylic Resin, 2011

7′ 5″ high, 3′ 7″ wide, 2′ 10″ deep

Located in the lobby of Hux Cancer Center at Union Hospital, 1711 North 6 1/2 Street.

Meg White lives and works in Stephensport, Kentucky.