In Tree the artist, Mark Wallis, was challenged by the monumentality of the stadium, the open and expansive nature of the area around it, and the need to draw attention to and honor the indigenous trees and shrubs planted by TREES Inc. around the walking trail known as “The Indiana Mile.” The selection of trees was based on the book 101 Trees of Indiana by Dr. Marion Jackson, Indiana University Press, 2004.

For the artist, the resulting design answered those concerns through the creation of a bold geometric composition abstracting the four letters of the word T-R-E-E, standing in close proximity, surrounded by river rocks and a grassy knoll.

The scale of the work had to be significant enough that people in autos traveling on National Road U.S. 40 alongside the park would see the monumental black forms and discern that, indeed, this sculpture represented something worthy of further investigation.

A nearby limestone pillar with cast aluminum plaques and a map describe the locations of each tree along the trail. At each tree a small marker offers the common and scientific names of that tree. A trail provides pedestrian access to both sculpture and trees. Additional information on the 101 Trees of Indiana planting project can be found at

Additional Information:

Steel, 2007

16′ high, 45′ wide,
12′ deep

Located on Historic National Road (U.S. 40) at Memorial Stadium Grounds near the corner of Brown and Wabash Avenues.
This is also the location of 101 Trees of Indiana at the Indiana Mile.

Mark Wallis, formerly of Spencer, Indiana, now lives and works in Tucson, Arizona.

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