View the InterPlaces project here!

InterPlaces is an augmented reality project, curated by artist Sala Wong, that features 10 international artists’ interpretations of 10 Art Spaces sculptures. Viewers will be able to experience the augmented reality components through their smartphone via the Blippar app. Signage at each sculpture will explain how the project works and where to point your phone in order to initiate the augmented artwork. You can also view the augmented artworks by pointing your smartphone at the image on the website linked here.

*Please note: the augmented artworks that pair with A Song for Indiana and A Chorus of Trumpets are initiated through a QR code, which can be scanned through your smartphone’s camera or any QR code scanning app.*

The project will be available for viewing until May 2023.

View the InterPlaces project here!

Invited Artists:

Chung Chak (New Jersey, U.S.A.)
Toni Crabb (Barcelona, Spain)
Arthur Feinsod (Indiana, U.S.A.)
Freddie Hong (London, U.K.)
Tesha Merkel (Ohio, U.S.A.)
Genetic Moo (Margate, U.K.)
Sharon Switzer (Toronto, Canada)
Nhung Walsh (Chicago, U.S.A.)
Peter Williams (California, U.S.A.)
Sala Wong (Indiana, U.S.A.)

Sculptures Involved:

A Chorus of Trumpets (Howard Kalish)
A Reading Place (Madeline Weiner)
A Song for Indiana (Teresa Clark)
Composite House for Terre Haute (Lauren Ewing)
Flame of the Millennium (Leonardo Nierman)
ISU Sphere (Brandon Zebold)
Max Ehrmann at the Crossroads (Bill Wolfe)
Our River – Our Future (Deedee Morrison)
Renewal (Tim Upham)
Urban Flowers (C.J. Rench)

View the InterPlaces project here!

Supported in part by:

University Arts Endowment Committee,
Indiana State University