Thank you to all of the artists that submitted their work for the Indiana State University College of Health and Human Services sculpture project. Three finalists will visit the campus in late January and February to view the site and begin a concept for their proposal.

Revitalization and expansion of the east side of the College of Health and Human Services building will begin in 2018 and be completed in mid-2019. The newly designed east entrance will be highly trafficked by students and faculty coming from other parts of the university, as well as community members and campus visitors. The site is also visible to motorists and pedestrians.

Placement of a sculpture in this location is intended to offer an imaginative link between the arts and health and provide an engaging and thoughtful experience for those entering and exiting the building or passing by. The sculpture will be designated as part of the Permanent Collection of Indiana State University and as part of the Art Spaces Collection and will be promoted by both organizations. This project is a manifestation of the university’s commitment to the campus community, the city and the cultural vitality of the region.

The sculpture will be completed and installed in spring of 2019.  For more information call 812-235-2801 or e-mail