Art Spaces – Wabash Valley Outdoor Sculpture Collection, Inc.

is issuing a request for qualifications for a site-specific project to be located

on the campus of Indiana State University in Terre Haute, Indiana

at the east entrance of the College of Health and Human Services


Wednesday, September 20, 2017



Art Spaces, Inc.

669 Ohio Street

Terre Haute, IN  47807

Request for Qualifications –Deadline Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Sculpture will be located outdoors at the East entrance of 

Indiana State University College of Health and Human Services


Art Spaces – Wabash Valley Outdoor Sculpture Collection, Inc. seeks an artist to provide a sculpture for the Indiana State University (ISU) College of Health and Human Services (CHHS).  The College offers several programs in health-related fields.  Graduates can become nurses, physicians’ assistants, athletic trainers, physical therapists, health educators, dieticians, fitness trainers, and more.  The building also houses some programs for intercollegiate athletics and recreational sports.

The building is located near the Main West Entrance of the campus and a state-of-the art addition to the west side is nearly complete.  Reconstruction of the east side will begin in 2018 and be completed in 2019. The sculpture will be outside at the main East entrance.

The east entrance will be highly trafficked by students and faculty coming from other parts of the university as well as members of the public, although the main public entrance is on the west side of the building. Art Spaces and ISU view this as an opportunity to link art and health both geographically and conceptually, in order to provide an engaging and thoughtful experience for those entering and exiting the building. The sculpture will also be visible to motorists and pedestrians.

Applicants may view the site plan on the Art Spaces website. Selected finalists will have an opportunity to visit the sculpture site (in advance of its completion) and the selected artist will participate in choosing the exact location near the entrance in advance of the final site construction.

Indiana State University is adjacent to Terre Haute’s downtown district and plays a major role in the economic vitality and cultural life of the city.  Art Spaces and ISU have previously partnered to bring public art to the campus.  The ISU Permanent Art Collection is an impressive collection that includes many works from the Works Progress Administration.  You may find out more about Indiana State University by going to their website  To learn more about their art collection please visit

About the city

Terre Haute is a lively Midwestern city in West Central Indiana on the banks of the Wabash River with a current population of approximately 61,000.  It is the  county seat of Vigo County with a metropolitan area population of 170,943. Located 77 miles (124 km) southwest of Indianapolis and within 185 miles (298 km) of Chicago, St. Louis, Louisville, and Cincinnati, the City is a business, health care, education and arts hub for West Central Indiana, with a major regional art museum, 2 major hospitals, 4 colleges and universities, the state’s oldest symphony orchestra, other museums, theaters, galleries and now a signature collection of public art.  It also serves as a major shopping hub for an estimated population of 300,000 from 15 counties in Indiana and Illinois.  Sites where you may learn more about Terre Haute include:;, or

About Art Spaces

Art Spaces was started in 2005 as an economic development initiative.  Our mission is to provide public art and the design of public places to enhance economic growth, enrich cultural experiences and build a legacy for future generations. There are eighteen pieces designated as part of the collection and two currently underway. For more information on the Art Spaces Collection, see

Art Spaces is actively engaged in reconnecting Terre Haute’s downtown with the Wabash River through public art and design.  Turn to the River (an NEA Our Town project), is entering the Design Development Phase this year to positively impact a 6-square block downtown area. The project has engaged the community in redesigning a major urban area that links to the river.

Art Spaces also provides consulting services for other entities interested in art in public places.  Our many educational and community events increase access to the arts for people of all ages, cultural backgrounds and economic circumstances.


The goals for this project are to provide a unique sculpture which the students, faculty and staff of ISU will eagerly engage with throughout their educational careers or employment at ISU.  The completed piece will be located in an outdoor area where it will be visible by pedestrians, cyclists and motorists. It is important that this work serve as a focal counterpoint to some industrial equipment across the street which serves as infrastructure for the Hulman Memorial Student Union.  It is of equal importance that the sculpture offer additional intrigue for people entering the building and seeing it close up.  A sculpture that encourages interaction and dialogue will best serve the goals of this project.

ISU encourages leadership growth, academic excellence and pride through its award winning community engagement programs.  This project is a manifestation of the university’s commitment to the campus community, the city and the cultural vitality of the region.

Art Spaces continues to build a collection of unique works of art that hold appeal for people of all ages and collectively are contributing to Terre Haute as a culturally vibrant Midwest City.  We encourage an imaginative response to this RFQ that considers the physical location and its surroundings, the educational mission of the College of Health and Human Services, the university community and city residents.  The sculpture will be designated as part of the Permanent Collection of Indiana State University and as part of the Art Spaces Collection and will be promoted by both organizations.  Care will be managed by Indiana State University with input from Art Spaces as needed.


The artist’s total budget for this project shall not exceed $50,000 and is all inclusive.  [The artist’s budget will include research, design, materials, fabrication, travel (with the exception of the site visit as a finalist), transportation, engineering of the sculpture and its foundation, insurance, taxes and any other expenses related to the project not listed as the responsibility of Art Spaces or ISU.]  Site preparation, lighting (unless lights are an integral part of the sculpture) and landscaping will be provided by ISU within reasonable expectations.


This opportunity is open to practicing professional artists over 18 years of age working with durable outdoor materials.


Art Spaces is committed to providing for the ISU and the City of Terre Haute a completed sculpture which is durable and will appeal to a broad constituency including students, faculty, staff, and alumni, as well as city residents and visitors.

Artists are encouraged to submit qualifications that will demonstrate their ability to create a meaningful, unique and exciting work of art.  Members of the selection committee will view most favorably those submissions which indicate that the artist has reviewed all of the information available regarding the specific location and requirements of this project, and offers evidence of their ability to create artwork with an appealing concept, fabricated of suitable materials and appropriate in scale for the site.

Up to three artists will be selected to advance to the finalist stage based on artistic merit, demonstrated experience, ability to work within the stated budget and ability to meet the timeline.

Each finalist will receive a stipend of $600 and will be asked to visit the site at a time and date mutually agreeable to the artist, the Siteholder and the Selection Committee.

Please note:  The Selection Committee for this project includes members of the Board of Directors of Art Spaces, area arts professionals, and representatives from Indiana State University including the College of Health and Human Services and the Office of Facilities Management, and at least one non-arts community representative.


The RFQ deadline is Wednesday, September 20, 2017.  Any materials not postmarked or sent electronically by this date will not be considered.  Please state in your letter of interest whether it would be possible for you to complete a sculpture March 2019 if you are notified by January 2018.


Plan Schematics:

Project Summary:

Downloadable Version of RFQ:

You may also call (812-235-2801) or write with questions or to receive a hard copy of any materials. Please note “ISU CHHS” in subject heading.


All of the materials may be sent electronically or by a CD through regular mail.  If you send your materials electronically, please send via We Transfer or another program that does not require Art Spaces to incur additional costs in receiving them.  This is preferred to sending them via multiple emails.  If sending by CD, clearly label it with your name.

For consideration, please send the following with your name clearly on each item.  If you are submitting as a team, you will need to submit the resume/bio for each member of the team.

  • Letter of interest, not to exceed one page.  Please describe your reasons for being interested in this project, why you believe your work would be appropriate for this site and whether you could meet the goals and the timeline of the project within the proposed budget.
  • Ten clearly titled and numbered digital (jpg only) images (2 detail shots okay to include in the 10).  The images should be titled as follows: Last Name_Image Number_Artwork Title.  Please send resolution images high enough that they can be successfully projected on a large screen. Make certain your name, address, e-mail address and phone number are clearly listed on your letter and resume
  • Image List Including Image Number, Title, Dimensions, Materials, Year and Cost. They should be numbered on the list in the same order as the jpgs are numbered.
  • Current Resume 
  • List of 3 references with their current contact information, including phone numbers and e-mail address, if possible.
  • Mention of how you heard about this RFQ


  • SASE for return of any materials you would like back


  • We will notify you by e-mail when we have received your materials and found everything in order.  If you do not receive notice within 2 weeks of submitting, please email us at  Note “ISU-CHHS project” in the subject heading.

Send all materials to: (Please note “ISU-CHHS” in subject heading.) or send to Art Spaces, Inc., 669 Ohio Street, Terre Haute, IN  47807.


Wednesday, September 20, 2017


Artists retain rights of all copyrighted materials submitted, except as limited by this section.  By submitting to this RFQ, those artist(s) responding agree to a copyright release for controlled usage of the submitted materials for committee distribution, education and publicity purposes.  Art Spaces shall not be responsible for any third party infringement of artists’ copyrights.


For the selected artist(s), Art Spaces requires that the final approved contract for professional services specify that the selected artist(s) shall maintain at all times during the term of the contract, at its sole expense:

  • Statutory workers’ compensation in accordance with the laws of the state where such compensation would be payable.  Employers’ liability (Coverage B) with limits of not less than $500,000 per accident.
  • Automobile liability insurance on any owned, non-owned or rented vehicle with limits of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit bodily injury and property damage
  • Comprehensive general liability, including products liability, completed operations liability, blanket contractual liability, broad form property damage and personal injury liability insurance with limits of at least $2,000,000 per occurrence combined single limit
  • Professional services liability for a limit of not less than $1,000,000 per occurrence.

Art Spaces, Inc. and Indiana State University shall be named as additional insured and be provided with a certificate of insurance prior to the effective date of the contract or any renewal contract.  Art Spaces shall be provided with all renewal certificates within 30 days of the expiration date of any and all policies listed on the certificate of insurance.


For the selected artist, Art Spaces requires that the final approved contract for professional services specify that the artist(s) agrees to indemnify and hold Art Spaces and Indiana State University harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liabilities, costs, expenses, charges and damages arising from, or relating to, the contractual agreement, including but not limited to attorney’s fees, with respect to any cause arising out of, resulting from, or in connection with (a) any breach by the artist(s) of any clause, condition or provision of the contract; b) any breach or violation by the artist of any applicable criminal or civil law; or (c) any other cause resulting from any act or failure to act by the artist(s) in accordance with the contract.  The artist(s) shall promptly assume the defense of any claim, suit or action within the scope of this indemnification at its expense upon being notified thereof.


Art Spaces reserves the right to contract one or more artists, or to refuse a contract with any artist.


We encourage an imaginative response to this RFQ to activate and add meaning to the entrance to the ISU College of Health and Human Services. Artists are strongly encouraged to visit our website (

For more information write to: or call 812-235-2801.