Find coloring pages, sculpture maps, and more educational materials below!

Coloring Pages

Color your way into public sculpture! Coloring pages of 8 public sculptures with a fun related activity on the back of each are below. Click the first link for a PDF with all 8 pages, or download and print one individually by selecting the sculpture of your choice. The Coloring Page Project is sponsored by the Frederick Benson Trust with added support from Casey’s Foundation.

Full Set Art Spaces Coloring Pages 2020
A Reading Place L
A Reading Place_Art Spaces Coloring Page
Composite House L
Composite House_Art Spaces Coloring Page
Dreiser Shadows L
Dreiser – Shadows of Meaning_Art Spaces Coloring Page
Gatekeeper L
Gatekeeper_Art Spaces Coloring Page
MaxEhrmann L
Max Ehrmann_Art Spaces Coloring Page
Our River L
Our River – Our Future_Art Spaces Coloring Page
Runner L
 Runner_Art Spaces Coloring Page
Urban Flowers L
Urban Flowers_Art Spaces Coloring Page

Sculpture Tour Map

Click on the images below to view a Terre Haute street map with the location of each of the sculptures in the Art Spaces collection pinpointed.

Art Spaces Map with 20 sculptures - 040220 reduced size_Page_1     Art Spaces Map with 20 sculptures - 040220 reduced size_Page_2

Click here to download a PDF of the street map for printing.

Informational Brochure

Click on the images below to preview our informational brochure and walking map. If you are interested in acquiring a brochure, click here to email your request.

ArtSpaces_WalkingMapBrochure             ArtSpaces_WalkingMapBrochure

Click here to download a PDF of the full brochure.

Educational Power Point Presentation

Art Spaces regularly offers educational programs and resources to increase understanding of and access to the public sculpture collection.
This PowerPoint was developed by art educators as a resource for teachers in Vigo County Public Schools, and is tailored to the Grade 5 art curriculum, preparing the students for their annual public sculpture and museum tour. It includes the eighteen sculptures currently in the Art Spaces collection. The PowerPoint is available to anyone wishing to use it for instructional or educational purpose.

Click here to download a PDF version of the powerpoint.

Trumpeting A Decade – Book

Purchase Book on PayPal here.

Trumpeting a Decade – Revealing the Heart of a City Through Public Art tells the story of Art Spaces and features a stunning array of photographs by Fran Lattanzio and Austen Leake. The 108 page 10″ x 10″ hardbound book, designed by artist Sala Wong, celebrates Terre Haute’s growing collections of unique outdoor sculptures and demonstrates the city’s increasing presence as a vital arts and cultural center.

To purchase the book, stop by the Art Spaces office at 669 Ohio Street or Barnes and Noble at ISU, 25 N. 4th Street, both located in downtown Terre Haute. You may also purchase through Pay Pal account or by credit card by clicking here.

Newsletters, Articles and Stories

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Photo Gallery

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