Art Spaces is…

providing public art and the design of public places to enhance economic growth, enrich cultural experiences and build a legacy for future generations through 

  • establishing a highly visible collection of site-specific outdoor sculpture
  • selecting works that inspire curiosity, thought and conversation
  • bringing fresh ideas and imaginative interpretations of public spaces to the community through lasting works of art
  • offering sculptures that are accessible 365 days a year at no charge
  • the efforts of dedicated volunteers from various areas in the community
  • an all-volunteer Board of Directors representing the arts, business, education, technology, and city government
  • focusing on uniting business and the arts to positively impact the economy of the area
  • advising and consulting with groups that want to acquire or commission sculpture
  • collaborating – bringing together people, business and art to build a vibrant city

2023 Board of Directors

Chair: Dianne Frances D. Powell     Vice Chair: Ellie Caldwell    Treasurer: Brian Dyer   Secretary: Sherry Dailey   

Board Members: Tammy Coons, Kathleen Cox, Maggie Dalrymple, Allison Finzel, Monica Love, Gail Price, Dee Reed, Ann Ryan, Karen Schneiders, Sam Shanks, Leslie Stultz, Richard Templeton, Kate Webster

Emeritus Members: Wieke van der Weijden Benjamin, Beverly Cristee, Harriet McNeal, Laney Meis, Kevin L. Runion, DeDe Schindel

Advisory Counsel:  Thomas S. Clary II; Wright, Shagley, & Lowery. P.C.

Allyson Midgley, Executive Director

Catie Hann, Operations and Development Coordinator


Core Values

Community Spirit
Engage communities in collaborative practice to establish and maintain accessible public art that offers a sense of pride and possibility.

Creative Vision
Enrich and strengthen our community through innovative, purposeful and imaginative design.

Embrace Equity
Foster inclusion and access through unique public art, diverse programming and equitable policies and practices.

Promote Learning
Expand knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the human experience through the arts.

Lasting Legacy
Build a collection that will animate curiosity, inspire potential and endure for many generations while honoring our shared histories and cultures.

Vision Statement

The vision of Art Spaces is to expand and strengthen the vitality of the Wabash Valley region through integration of public art into the life of our community.

Mission Statement

The mission of Art Spaces is to provide public art and the design of public places to enhance economic growth, enrich cultural experiences and build a legacy that reflects the diversity of the Wabash Valley.


Since 2005, we have installed twenty-one public sculptures throughout the downtown, in city parks, on college campuses and in other locations throughout the city. They are freely accessed at all times by residents and visitors of all ages.

Arts and culture are vital to a thriving and healthy city, bringing meaningful and engaging design to the places that we all share. Art Spaces is building collaborations that assist our city to thrive. Artists and designers are stepping up to help address infrastructure, design and social issues in cities and towns throughout the world and they hold an integral role in all phases of Art Spaces projects.